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May 11, 2013

UPDATE: Final numbers in

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City Council Place 1. Tyson Cox 389 (46.04 percent) vs. Dan Perkins 456 (53.96 percent)

Proposition 1 (road bond): For 1,247 (71.58 percent) vs. 495 against (28.42 percent)

Proposition 2 (YMCA/event center): For 934 (52.86 percent) vs. Against 833 (47.14)

All Charter Amendments passed


Caddo Mills

ISD Trustee (top three): G.T Parsons (187), Tod McMahan (168), and Stacey (Gavin) Plasek (163)



Proposition 1: For 73  vs. 24 Against

Proposition 2: For 32 vs. 65 Against

Campbell ISD Trustee (top five): Andy Coffman (163), Bobby Whisenhunt (157), Jan French (145), Ken Duke (142), and David French (114)



City Council (top two): Fred C. Reynolds 23, James Lawton Seigler (30)



ISD Trustee Place 3: Michael Beane (136) defeats Karen Maxwell (15)


Lone Oak

Shirley Stogner (20 defeated Mona Collins (18) in the mayoral race. Douglas E. Williams Jr. defeated Gordon Galloway 20-19 for Place 5.

ISD Trustee, full term (top three): Orville Gentry (181), Danny Calk (123) and Donald Isenburg Jr. (115)

ISD Trustee, one year unexpired term: Thomas Patterson defeated Angel M. Smith 162-43



Mayor: Donny Brock (91) defeated Misti Jones (80)

City Council Place 4: Brandon S. Frazier (96) defeated Don P. Gray (76)

City Council Place 5: Charlie B. Thompson (86) defeated Dave Arndt (83)


Union Valley

Craig Waskow and John Oznick (25) were elected as city commissioners


Wolfe City

Mayor: Barbara Woodruff (128) defeated Jeff McDaniel (30)

City Council: Rita Dodson (112 votes) and Jamie Malone Moore (96) were elected to city council


UPDATE 9:05 p.m.: We have close to final voting numbers in several Lone Oak races. Mona Collins (18) and Shirley Stogner (20) are neck and neck in the Lone Oak Mayoral race. In the Lone Oak City Council, Place 5 race, Gordon Galloway (19) is close to Douglas E. Williams Jr. (20) votes. Orville Gentry (179 votes), Danny Calk (121) and Donald Isenburg Jr. (113) are the top three for Lone Oak ISD Trustee, full term. Thomas Patterson (160) has a strong lead over Angel M. Smith (43) for Lone Oak ISD one year unexpired term.


UPDATE 8:15 p.m.: Early voting results for Commerce are in. According to Hunt County Voter Administration, there was an earlier miscommunication in receiving those votes.


Commerce ISD, Place 3: Michael Beane (53), Karen Maxwell (6)


UPDATE 7:26 p.m.: Early voting results are in. There were no early votes reported in Commerce.


City Council, Place 1, City of Greenville:Tyson Cox 242 votes (44.73 percent) vs. Dan Perkins 299 votes (55.27 percent)

Proposition No. 1 (road bonds): 863 For (71.56 percent) vs. 339 Against (28.44 percent)

Proposition No. 2 (YMCA): 597 For (49.34 percent) vs. 613 Against (50.6 percent)

All City of Greenville Charter amendments are passing by a wide margin



City of Campbell, Proposition 1 (reauthorization of sales tax for street repair): 17 For vs. 7 Against

City of Campbell, Proposition 2 (legal sale of alcoholic beverages): 9 For vs. 15 Against

Campbell ISD Trustee: Ken Duke (48), Day Davis (7), Andy Coffman (54), David French Jr. (34), Steve Gilcrest (14), Lyndee Mitchell (10), Bobby Whisenhunt (50), Brent Gluck (18), Jan French (43), Traci Christensen (11), Pleas McKee (21), Tim Dorner (17)



City Council: Fred C. Reynolds (7), James Lawton Seigler (7), Teddy Carl Cole (0)


Lone Oak

Mayor: Mona Collins 4 vs. Shirley Stogner 1

ISD Trustee, Full Term: Donald Isenburg Jr. (14), Paul Kelley (14), Danny Calk  (15), Orville Gentry (21)

ISD Trustee, 1 year unexpired term: Angel M. Smith (11), Thomas Patterson (19)

City Council, Place 5: Gordon Galloway (4), Douglas E. Williams Jr. (0)




Mayor: Misti (Grant) Jones 8 vs. Donny Brock 2

City Council, Place 4: Brandon S. Frazier 10 vs. Don P. Gray 0

City Council, Place 5: Charlie B. Thompson 9 vs. Dave Arndt 1



Mayor: Jeff McDaniel 2 vs. Barbara Woodruff 11



We'll be bringing you live election results throughout the night from races throughout Hunt County. Early election results should be around 7:30 p.m. tonight, and we'll update final results as soon as we receive them from the election administrator.