The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 28, 2013

Changes coming to CodeRED emergency notification system

Courtesy Greenville Police Department
Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — Weather warnings issued from the National Weather Service through CodeRED will be the way that Greenville residents will receive severe weather alert calls if they are subscribed to the CodeRED Weather Warning System.

The Greenville Police Department will no longer issue separate calls regarding weather through CodeRED.

Several Greenville residents complained that they received a CodeRED notification after severe weather passed through Greenville on Feb. 10, 2013.

Some of the delayed alerts came almost an hour after severe weather passed through the area. It has not been determined why the February 10 alert was delayed, even after checking with representatives of Emergency Communications Network (ECN), the company providing the CodeRED alert.

According to Greenville Police Chief Dan Busken, “I want our residents to be able to receive weather related alerts in a timely manner, which is why we encourage them to sign up for automated Weather Warnings.”

There is speculation that the delay on February 10 occurred because the automated Weather Warning telephone call was still being processed when the Greenville Police Department also issued a CodeRED alert about the severe weather.

“Police Department employees have to make a judgment call when it comes to using CodeRED and when they made that call they had no idea it would take so long to process the calls,” Busken said.

Until ECN can assure that a separately launched call will not be delayed, the Police Department will not launch its own call for weather related alerts. CodeRED will continue to be used for other notifications, such as missing children, hazards, and notifications.

The City of Greenville encourages all residents to sign up for the automated Weather Warning system in addition to CodeRED. Sign up is easy. Visit and input the required information.

Be sure to select the Weather Warning choices to receive calls from the National Weather Service.  ECN will provide a free call to all residents encouraging them to sign up for the Weather Warning notification system.

Citizens are urged to use all available resources to get information about severe weather including, television and radio news, Internet, and by purchasing a NOAA weather radio.

— Submitted by the City of Greenville