The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

May 20, 2013

City to wrap up first round of mosquito spraying

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — The City of Greenville will wrap up its first round of spraying for mosquitoes tonight.

Crews have been spraying throughout the month, in different single-member City Council districts.

Mosquito spraying is scheduled to continue tonight and Tuesday night in District 6.

Any additional spraying is also expected to be conducted geographically using the single-member district map, available on the city’s  web site at

The City of Greenville has recommended the following tips to help reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes in a given area:

— Eliminate standing water around homes, apartments and businesses.

— Keep lawns mowed since mosquitoes are likely to be found in high grass and weeds.

— Keep rain gutters free of leaves and debris to eliminate this as a breeding site.

— Empty water dishes, bird baths, wading pools, buckets, and flower pots that hold water.

— Maintain swimming pools so that water does not become stagnant and attract mosquitoes.

The City of Greenville has also established a web page concerning mosquito control at