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April 15, 2014

Hall votes against Ryan’s budget

Herald-Banner Staff

— On April 10, the House of Representatives passed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget, a plan that includes $5.1 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years without changing the tax code.

While Senate Democrats don’t plan on passing a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, citing a two-year spending agreement they reached with the Republicans last December, the budget lays out a potential blueprint for future budget discussions.

But Ryan’s budget passed by a narrow 219-205 margin, due to 12 nay votes by Republican representatives. One of these votes came from Rep. Ralph Hall, who represents House District 4.

According to Hall’s Communications Director Adrienne Rimmer, the representative voted against Ryan’s budget because of his support for the Republican Study Committee’s budget, which includes a bill sponsored by Hall.

“Congressman Hall voted for the RSC budget because of the quicker timetable, and because it repeals and replaces “ObamaCare” with the RSC’s American Health Care Reform Act (H.R. 3121) that Mr. Hall co-sponsors,” Rimmer said.

Ryan’s budget received some criticism from conservative politicians and pundits for not being aggressive enough.

The RSC budget would have cut about $7.4 trillion in spending and implement changes in Medicare more quickly that Ryan’s.

“Both budgets were commendable for bringing the budget into balance without raising taxes and for repealing and replacing ObamaCare,” Hall stated in a press release.

 “The main difference was the RSC budget achieved balance in four years, and the Ryan budget balanced in 10 years. I voted for the budget that balanced sooner, rather than later.”

However, voting on the budgets was not an “either-or” scenarior.

The RSC budget was voted on before Ryan’s budget, giving Republicans a chance to vote yes to both.

Hall is currenty in a run-off election with challenger John Ratcliffe after he failed to earn 50 percent or more of the vote in the March election. Election day for the run-off is May 27.