The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 14, 2012

Quinlan Mayor, resident spar over culvert

By Joseph Hamrick
Herald-Banner Staff

QUINLAN — Newly-appointed Place 5 Quinlan City Council member Jacky Goleman was the deciding vote in a 3-2 decision against installing a culvert along State Highway 34. The city council met at Quinlan City Hall on Monday to discuss the issue.

“You (city council) have said nothing to me about the road since the last meeting,” Billy Ladd, a resident of Hunt County said. “You won’t pave two roads inside the city limits, but you’re going to spend city’s money to pave one that goes outside the city because it goes to (city consultant) Billy Green’s property.”

According to Quinlan Mayor R.W. Oliver, the fact that the road goes directly to Green’s property is irrelevant.

“That has nothing to do with it,” he said. “We have them everywhere where the streets aren’t developed yet.”

Ladd presented the mayor with a signed petition of 55 Quinlan residents asking for the removal of Green.

“This is from the people you work for,” Ladd said. “Are you not going to listen to them?”

Oliver said the petition had no bearing to him.

“I don’t work for them,” he said. “I work for me, the city.”

Although the Texas Department of Transportation stated it is still working on whether or not the city owns Ladd’s property, Carole Petty, Place 2 Quinlan City Council member, proposed that Ladd’s property be added to the Jan. 1 tax roll.

Oliver denied her proposal and said that the proper guidelines would need to be followed.

“Since it is not on the agenda we can’t address it,” he said. “It will have to be brough up next month.”

Brandon Frazier, Place 4 Quinlan City Council member, was nominated mayor pro-tem after the council accepted the resignation of former Mayor Pro-tem Richard Whitehead, who resigned last month.