The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

December 24, 2012

Athletes, coaches reveal their wish list

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — What do you want for Christmas?

That’s the question we posed to some of the local high school athletes and coaches just prior to their break for the Christmas holidays. They were told this was a “feel good” story though they could answer anyway they wanted.

“I’m just glad to see another Christmas,” said Marvin Sedberry, the head football coach and athletic director of the Greenville Lions. “I’m thankful for that.”

Celeste Lady Devils basketball coach Amy Herron said what she most wanted for Christmas was, “Time with my family.”

Caddo Mills volleyball coach Renae Whitaker asked for good health for a family member.

“I want my grandbaby to be well,” said Whitaker. “He’s having surgery.”

Caddo Mills girls basketball coach Pete Rowe first asked for “world peace” and then decided he wanted “a bright orange pair of sneakers.”

Santa, if you’re reading, Pete wears size 14.

Greenville basketball coach Marcus Smith asked for time.

“Just time with my family,” he said.

Greenville Lady Lions coach Lesa Darst made a special request connected with basketball.

“I want airline tickets to Los Angeles to watch the Lakers game,” she said.

Greenville Lady Lions volleyball coach Amanda Marek might also be needing some airline tickets.

“I want a trip to Hawaii,” she said. “I want to be on the beach somewhere.”

Former Greenville Lions football coach Chawn Cooper, who is now an assistant principal, asked for good health. But not for himself.

“For all my baby goats to do well,” he said.

Bland Tigers’ basketball coach Joe Moore asked for a “six-foot-five post man.”

Greenville Lions’ assistant football coach Spencer Gilbert said he’s “one of those guys that don’t ask for anything” but he would like to keep his good health and strength.

Leonard basketball coach Jeff Smith also talked about good health.

“I just wish everybody good health and happiness,” he said.

Celeste basketball coach Mike Lipsey, also the Blue Devils’ athletic director, was looking to score some points with Santa.

“I’d love for my basketball team to be able to score,” said Lipsey.

Celeste coach Bo Parr was looking for help for his baseball team.

“I would like a move-in,” he said. “A red-headed left-hander to move in to Celeste.”

Greenville Lions’ basketball player Darion Neal thought of his team with his request.

“I just want for the basketball team to have a successful season.”

Lions basketball player Jason Thomas said he would like “some Nike socks, sports products and I want my first razor.”

Socks were also on the wish list for Lion basketball player Dartannon Wilson. He waid he wants “Coach (Marcus) Smith to buy us some team socks. Maybe some new shoes.”

Dartannon added another wish: “Peace on earth.”

Greenville basketball player Jerry Dickeson said he wants some “Adidas Slides (shoes) for the team, Gatorade for the away games and soda for D. Neal (Darion Neal).”

Cortney Luna, Greenville Lady Lions basketball player, asked for something a little bigger than socks or shoes.

“I want a car,” Luna said. “A nice one.”

Savannah Himes, Raven Pippen and Elizabeth Rutherford, three Lady Lion basketball players, asked for almost the same things.

“Money and clothes,” said Rutherford.

“I want some money and clothes,” said Himes.

“Money, clothes and shoes,” said Pippen.

Their teammate Arian Alford didn’t ask for shoes.

“I want some cowgirl boots,” she said.

Mackenzie Cooper, another Lady Lion player, didn’t ask for clothes, boots or shoes.

“I want to go to a Mavs game,” she said.

Lady Lion player Maddy Crabtree combined two wishes into one.

“I want for the Greenville Lady Lion basketball team to have a successful season, to finish strong and a new sports car,” she said.

Chandra Jeffery, of the Lady Lions basketball team, asked for, “the Lady Lions to make it to the playoffs this year and I want the whole team to get some Adidas socks.”

Abby Ellsworth, Lady Lion basketball player, said she wants to “go to Michigan and for us to have a successful season.”

Looks like Santa will be busy filling this big wish list.