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December 21, 2012

Three Falcons earn top honors


Herald-Banner Staff

LADONIA —   Three members of Fannindel’s 7-4 playoff team earned top honors on the All-District 15 six-man football team.

  Fannindel junior running back Stephen “Bubba” Lock captured the offensive most valuable player award and made the first-team defense.

  The defensive MVP honor went to Fannindel junior Damonte Scott, who also earned first-team honors on offense at running back.

  Fannindel freshman Jarvis Wilburn earned the newcomer of the year award.

  The district’s MVP honor went to Leverett’s Chapel spreadback Clay White.

  Fannindel also put junior wide receiver E.J. Jones on the first offense along with utlity back Quincy Cuba. E.J. Jones was also on the first defense.

  Campbell, in its first season of football, claimed three second-team picks on offense with center Shon Rios, quarterback Jacob Camp and utility back Scotty Green. Campbell’s Billy Rios made the second defense at utility back.

                 All-District 15

        Six-man Football Team

  Most valuable player — Clay White, SB, Leverett’s Chapel, Sr.

  Offensive MVP — Stephen Lock, Fannindel, RB, Jr.

  Defensive MVP — Damonte Scott, Fannindel, DL, Sr.

  Newcomer of the year — Jarvis Wilburn, Fannindel, Fr.


TE    Paco Chavez           Leverett’s Chapel        So.

TE    Marcus Rongel        Fruitvale                       Sr.

C      Jessie Harris           Leverett’s Chapel         Sr.

WR   E.J. Jones               Fannindel                     Jr.

WR   Gavino Rongel        Fruitvale                       Fr.

QB    Chance Earl            Fruitvale                       Sr.

RB    Dilyn Colley             Leverett’s Chapel         Jr.

RB    Damonte Scott        Fannindel                     Sr.

FB    Tyler Little                Bloomburg                    Sr.

UB    Quincy Cuba           Fannindel                      Jr.

PK    J.R. Rodgers           Leverett’s Chapel          Jr.

ST    Cody Harmon          Fruitvale                        Sr.


NG    Colby Shaw          Leverett’s Chapel        Fr.

DL    Felipe Amaro        Leverett’s Chapel        Jr.

DL    Hunter Dodd         Bloomburg                   Sr.

DL    Jessie Harris         Leverett’s Chapel        Sr.

LB    Matthew Morris     Leverett’s Chapel        Sr.

LB    Stephen Lock        Fannindel                    Jr.

CB    Jesus Garcia        Leverett’s Chapel        Fr.

CB    Shawn Caldwell   Fruitvale                      Sr.

S    E.J. Jones               Fannindel                   Jr.

S    Paco Chavez          Leverett’s Chapel        So.

UT    Dilyn Cooley         Levertte’s Chapel        Jr.

P    Matt Hensley          Bloomburg                    Jr.


TE    Keiton Vaughn        Leverett’s Chapel        Fr.

TE    Chris Franklin         Fannindel                    Jr.

WR    Stephen Holland    Fruitvale                     Jr.

WR    Eric Lane               Fruitvale                     So.

C    Shon Rios                 Campbell                    Fr.

QB    Jacob Camp           Campell                     So.

RB    Dustin Earl              Fruitvale                    So.

RB    Daniel Mothersell    Campbell                   So.

FB    Lance Fowler           Fruitvale                     Sr.

SB    Hunter Dodd            Bloomburg                 Sr.

UB    Scotty Green           Campbell                   Sr.

PK    Cody Lemay            Fannindel                   Jr.

ST    Akeyl Caesar           Fannindel                  Fr.


NG    Dalton Fehl             Fruitvale                      Sr.

DL    Cody Lemay           Fannindel                      Jr.

DL    Dustin Earl              Fruitvale                       So.

DL    Mark Overman        Leverett’s Chapel        Jr.

LB    Heath Phillips          Fannindel                    So.

LB    Conner Westbrook  Fruitvale                      Sr.

CB    Quincy Cuba           Fannindel                    Jr.

CB    Stephen Holland     Fruitvale                       Jr.

S    Trent Taylor               Fruitvale                       Jr.

S    Jordan Stegman        Leverett’s Chapel        Fr.

UB    Billy Rios                 Campbell                    So.