The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

December 29, 2012

Surviving another Christmas


— The Kellar Estate made it through Christmas — and the Great Christmas Snowstorm of 2012 — in one piece.

Vida, my wife and the Super Supreme Santa Spotter at the Estate, and I spent the hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas morning crashed on the couch and love seat in the den, watching videos until we dozed off, worn out from the previous evening’s merriment.

We had our daughter Jaylynn, 13.5, and our son Jason, 6, bunk together in Jaylynn’s room and, once Jason finally used up his last spark of pre-Christmas nervous energy, the entire Estate finally settled in for a winter’s nap.

Of course our son — for whom it takes an act of Congress and 12 pipers piping in order to get up on time on a school day — was wide awake before dawn in anticipation of the joy ahead. He was assisted by the powerful thunderstorms blowing into town, which also spooked the dogs — Bosco, Overgrown Schnauzer Puppy and Millie, the Spaniel-Mix Dust Mop with Legs.

About 30 minutes later, after Vida’s mom Reba and Aunt Pam arrived, came the great unveiling. Jason was overjoyed that he received a new bike, a Hex Bug Nano set and an Alien Autopsy game. But what really thrilled him was the remote control helicopter, an item for which he had been begging and pleading for weeks.

I made it clear to Jason that, no matter how much he insisted that he knew exactly how to operate the helicopter, that he should watch me use it first, just to learn the proper method of utilizing the controls.

Jason then calmly watched as his Dad immediately sent the helicopter crashing into a wall.

Jaylynn, our bookworm, received a Kindle e-reader and a Kindle gift card, neither of which she put down during the rest of the day. She also received a new Sims game for her computer, which meant her smile was from ear to ear.

Later in the day our son Nick and his girlfriend Heather came for dinner and, immediately afterward, a cutthroat game of “Phase 10” with Vida, Reba and Pam.

Vida and I had intended on going to the movies Tuesday. But as the card game broke up and people started packing up Christmas leftovers to take home, the mixture of snow and rain outside had turned into something more closely resembling the weather conditions at Santa’s North Pole workshop, leading us to cancel our movie plans.

Everyone made it home safely and the rest of the day was spent recovering from the holiday chaos, as we realized once again that the Kellar Estate had enjoyed another very Merry Christmas.

Of course, now the planning starts for next year’s holiday ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer