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September 22, 2012

Bragging on my favorite Girl Scout


— Have to brag just a little bit here about my favorite Girl Scout ...

— Our daughter Jaylynn, 13.5, has had two big Girl Scout-related experiences this week. Friday evening, she was invited to be among about two dozen North Texas Girl Scouts participating in a question and answer session with Anna Maria Chávez, the CEO of Girl Scouts in the United States.

While at the session in Dallas, it was noted that Jaylynn was the only Scout there to have made the pilgrimage this year to Savannah, Ga., the birth place of the Girl Scouts, and to have acquired the corresponding patch on her uniform sash.

Jaylynn was scheduled to turn around and go back to Fair Park this afternoon and take part in the ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the Girl Scouts 100th anniversary exhibit at the State Fair of Texas.

Yep, Jaylynn has some proud parents right about now ...

— A lot of the credit has to go to Vida, My Wife and the Super Supreme Girl Scout Supporter at the Estate. As Service Unit Leader for the Girl Scouts of Hunt County, Vida has strived to make sure that Jaylynn and all of the girls under her watch receive an opportunity to be involved in as many positive experiences as possible, so I am also extremely proud of her.

The Girl Scouts of Hunt County has a county-wide recruitment event scheduled one week from today, September 30,  from 2 until 4 p.m. at Aunt Char’s Kid Zone, inside the Greenville SportsPark.

— Our son Jason, who turns 6 in a little more than a month, recently presented me with his initial Christmas list. He wants some video games and his own computer, which we can understand. But then the list started to get a little ... different.

See, Jason is a big fan of those really cheesy movies they show Saturday nights on the Sci Fi Network, so he asked for a two-headed shark toy, and a two-headed crocodile toy. Then he tried to tell me about a walking, talking tomato that explodes, or something like that.

After a while, I think he began to run out of steam and I could tell he started choosing items that were on the desk in the living room.

“I want my very own candle, for my room, just as a decoration,” Jason said. “And I want my own box of tissues.”

Looking back on the list, I can almost guarantee Jason will receive the tissues, and maybe the candle. The two-headed shark and the two-headed crocodile? Well, we’ll see ...

— And a final shout out here to my son Nick, 22, who is the editor of the East Texan newspaper at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Nice work on the first few issues of the year! Keep up the good work!

 By the way, know any place to buy an exploding tomato?

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer