The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 9, 2013

GISD to be commended for meeting state standards

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — The state’s most recent accountability numbers are in. And, while one can certainly argue that the state’s standardized testing structure is not perfect, we congratulate Greenville ISD on meeting all of Texas’ standards, including those measuring student progress, student achievement and postsecondary readiness.

This accomplishment is significant and demonstrates a marked improvement for the district as a whole. In 2011, the last year that Texas assigned accountability ratings, GISD was rated Academically Unacceptable, and the transition from the TAKS to the STAAR test was difficult for school districts across the exas.

Regardless of statewide perception of standardized testing, the accountability ratings’ impact is very real, affecting everything from the district’s funding to our community’s ability to attract new families. Meeting state standards is a great benefit for our community and reflects the hard work of the district’s employees and students.

GISD has exhibited a commitment toward math, science, engineering and technology that has resulted in success in national and international robotics competitions, including F.I.R.S.T and the recent Solar Car Challenge. Considering that Greenville is home to large technology-based companies like L-3 Mission Integration and Innovation First International, GISD is doing an excellent job preparing Greenville’s workforce of the future.

Other recent accomplishments include the success of the district’s culinary arts program, and the implementation of the ACE after-school program.

While improvements can always be made, and the school district will continue to face challenges that all school districts in the state of Texas face in regards to funding and testing, to meet the state’s accountability standards is a tremendous accomplishment.

Kudos to the GISD administration, faculty, staff, students and parents. Keep up the good work.

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