The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 5, 2012

Grateful for Halloween, fan club


— As is the tradition at the Kellar Estate, I was honorably chosen (required) to take the children downtown to Halloween on the Square Wednesday night.

Our son Jason, who turns 6 on Tuesday, had talked all summer about wanting to attend as Batman for the fourth year in a row. But about a week before the event he decided he would rather go as Wolverine instead. Well last Sunday arrives and guess what, there were no Batman or Wolverine costumes to be found in the City of Greenville.

So, Jason decided to go as Iron Man. Fair enough.

Our daughter Jaylynn, 13.5, on the other hand had expressed no interest at all in trick-or-treating this year. No desire whatsoever. Until Monday night, when she apparently gave it some thought and decided we needed to get her a Ninja/Witch/Vampire-something outfit ... with a cape ... and a hat.

Vida, my wife and the Esteemed Empress of Emergency Halloween Embroidery, borrowed (stole) one my white T-shirts, drew the letter P in a couple places, rubbed some mascara around one of Jaylynn’s eyes and presto! Jaylynn went as a Black-eyed Pea.

(While I admire my love’s spontaneous creativity, I have to think it was also spawned just a little bit by a need for peace and quiet, so that I would be able to take two whining children who were desperate for candy off of her hands for a couple hours.)

Once downtown, we were thrust into a sea of humanity. I was watching Jason and his best friend Emilee, while Jaylynn hung out with her friends Ashleigh and Katie.

The hardest part of my night was trying to point out to Jason and Emilee that they needed to go to the back of the lines in order to politely wait their turn at the candy tables. Whenever I would suggest this, Emilee would stand and look at me as if I was speaking an alien language, whereas Jason would continue on undeterred and cut right to the front of the line. He would say “trick-or-treat” and “thank you” each time ... and if I didn’t keep an eye on him he would go back several times.

After a while, all of us were tired enough to call it a night and we headed back to the Estate. Jason’s bucket was overflowing, whereas Jaylynn and Emilee’s buckets were about half-full. Jason asked me to let him have his candy, but I insisted he wait until after dinner. Jason then tried to convince me that the cookie he received while trick-or-treating would be a great dinner, but he was unsuccessful in this.

— It is good to have fans. Jacquelyn Park wrote this amazing letter to the editor about me (totally unsolicited, I promise) which appeared in Friday’s paper. The next day she brings me this huge, freshly baked pecan cake in the shape of Texas, just because. I shared it with the rest of the folks here at the paper and it disappeared in record time. But I did get to eat Brownsville and Texarkana. Thanks again Jacquelyn, they were delicious!

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer