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February 24, 2013

Taking another trip to the movies


— Just sitting here, wondering if the weather would just decide whether it is winter or spring ...

The Academy Awards are on tonight but the folks at the Kellar Estate won’t be watching the show because, as usual, we haven’t seen but a handful of the nominated movies. But hey, we loved “The Avengers” and “Skyfall.”

And, as always, we at the Kellar Estate realize that nothing on screen can match our day-to-day excitement.

So, we once again venture down to the Kellar Family Multiplex for a look at what’s currently on screen:

Theater One

“The Hunger Games” — What we play each evening as we try and decide what to eat for dinner.

Theater Two

“Underworld: Awakening” — What it feels like each weekday morning, as I try and sleep in the upstairs bedroom as the kids attending Vida’s daycare start arriving.

Theater Three

“Flight” — What our son Jason, 6, attempts to achieve each time he gets up from a chair, a bed, a sofa, or pretty much any other stationary object.

Theater Four

“Dark Shadows” — Why Jason feels it is necessary to have a strand of Christmas lights, a night light and a menagerie of stuffed animals at bed time each night.

Theater Five

“Taken 2” — The number of chocolate bars which our daughter Jaylynn, 13, grabs whenever there are some within reach.

Theater Six (Double Feature)

“Parental Guidance”/ “Safe House” — What Vida and I try to offer our children each and every day.

Theater Seven

“The Vow” — The promise I made to Vida to always be there for her and for our family.

Theater Eight

“Zero Dark Thirty” — The time I often make it back to the Estate after a long day of work at the newspaper.

Theater Nine

“Brave” — How I describe Vida as she tackles being a Mom, Business Owner and Girl Scout Leader.

Theater Ten

“Joyful Noise” — Those rare moments when Vida and I can be in one room and hear all of the younger generation getting along in the other room.

Theater Eleven (Double Feature)

“Pitch Perfect”/”The Lucky One” — The story of our lives at the Kellar Estate and how I feel to be a part of it.

And now, may I have the envelopes please?

Best Actress/Director — Vida, for handling her life with such skill and grace.

Best Supporting Actress  — Jaylynn, for being the second most important woman in my life.

Best Actor — Our son Nick, for succeeding at school, being a father to our granddaughter Lauryn and our new granddaughter, Vanessa Nicole.

Best Supporting Actor — Jason, for just being Jason.

Best Production Design — Nick’s lady love Heather, for producing Vanessa Nicole.

Best Animated Short Film — For how crazy it gets when everyone comes over to the Estate for Sunday dinner.

Best Original Screenplay — Me, of course, once again, for the continuing story of my life with all of these other characters.

See you at the movies.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer