The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

May 5, 2013

Summer starts with those blockbuster movies


— Summer seems to start earlier every year ...

I’m not talking about the annual onslaught of Texas heat and humidity. That can take as long as possible to get here, and can skip us altogether as far as I am concerned.

No, I am instead referring to the crop of summer movie blockbusters. The Kellar Family is scheduled to head to the multiplex (do they even still call them that anymore?) this afternoon to catch the first of this year’s selection, “Iron Man 3”.

Now, it may surprise people to learn that, in my younger years, I was something of a comic book geek (OK, I know, it isn’t THAT much of a shock) and Iron Man was one of my favorites. So, naturally I was overjoyed when they started making movies out of some of the characters I followed so fervently, leading up to the ultimate comic nerd’s cinema experience, last summer’s “The Avengers.”

Vida, my wife and the Ultimate Movie Watching Co-Pilot at the Kellar Estate, agreed to go with me to a midnight showing of “The Avengers”, in part to pay me back for all those midnight “Harry Potter” events I had attended with her. Vida’s enthusiasm for super hero movies had pretty much been along the same lines as my interest in films about boy wizards.

They sound interesting and if done right can be a really good time, but neither of us was exactly an expert in our spouse’s field of interest. Vida was my translator for everything that happened in “Deathly Hallows” that I didn’t understand (which was a lot), so I was prepared to interpret all of the nuances of the various characters in “The Avengers”, in case she was wondering. To my surprise, Vida really enjoyed the movie and came away with an interest in watching more.

Which leads us to going to see “Iron Man 3”, which Vida is wanting to see almost as much as I am. The other day, they released a trailer for the “Thor” sequel which opens in November, and Vida sent me a Facebook post, letting me know we can go catch it when it comes out. So, I am a very happy husband.

But there are a LOT of movies coming out this summer which we are looking forward to. In the next few months, we will probably be buying tickets and popcorn for “Star Trek Into Darkness”, “Man of Steel”, “World War Z”, “The Wolverine”, “Elysium” and more. I also anticipate taking our son Jason, 6.5 to see “Monsters University”, “Despicable Me 2”, “Turbo” and “The Smurfs 2”.

Of course, whatever we don’t manage to see on the big screen this summer, we will be watching at home over the Christmas holidays.

But it is good to know that, once the unbearable heat does get here, there will be occasions to spend at least a little time in the air-conditioned indoors, watching movies which can help us forget that summer is waiting to melt us as soon as we walk out the door.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer