The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 3, 2013

Benefits of shopping locally

Herald-Banner Staff

— Hunt County citizens are worrying about the economy a lot these days. It is understandable.

Year after year we heard of bailouts, fiscal cliffs and sequestrations, all items tied to our massive national debt and unfettered spending.

Locally, we still have a long way to go as we overcome the loss of local factories, retail establishments and restaurants like Covidien, Newell-Rubbermaid, Woodgrain Millwork, the College Corner Cafe and Mary of Puddin Hill.

Supporting locally-owned businesses is a powerful way to shore up the local economy. A pair of blue jeans purchased in town adds to the amount of sales tax our city collects, instead of making Rockwall or Dallas county richer. Sales tax is one of the two main sources of revenue for our city’s general fund, the money the city pay for everything besides water lines and bond debts.

Local business owners spend in the community as well — they hire county residents and purchase goods and services from other Hunt County businesses. And, naturally, a higher percentage of profits from Greenville and Hunt County retailers are kept in the local economy than national corporations.

There are often complaints about Greenville lacking shopping locations, certain restaurants, and entertainment options. But how can we expect our economy to grow if we continue to pour money into businesses across the nation instead of here at home? How can we expect more from our community if we don’t build into it ourselves?

Shopping with local merchants helps improve our community by providing jobs and increasing local revenue.

Our local businesses need our support. These establishments are not owned by faceless corporations, but your neighbors, friends, former classmates and other members of our community.

What have you done today to help our local economy grow?