The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 10, 2013

Great to be a grandfather again


— Just sitting here, happy I am not having to report on more than three feet of snow in my back yard ...

— I am also happy, proud and flat out overjoyed to announce the arrival of our second grandchild, and second granddaughter. Vanessa Nicole made her debut right around the start of the Super Bowl last Sunday evening (now you know the real reason for the power outage, as all that energy was shifted from New Orleans to the hospital in Greenville). Vanessa weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces, with a head full of thick, black hair.

Vanessa is the daughter of our son Nick and his lady love Heather and looks a lot like her older sister, Lauryn (more on her in a minute). They are scheduled to drop by the Kellar Estate today for Sunday dinner and lots of spoiling. But no, I do not feel any older because I am now a grandfather twice over ...

— Lauryn, who recently turned 5, has decided to pursue a career in art ... apparently because she believes it can bring her a lot of money. She asked her Daddy Nick to buy some wood to build her a museum to display her works and Nick, surprisingly, declined.

Undeterred Lauryn recently began selling her creations — drawings and such — to her Daddy Nick and anyone else she could think of, at what she believed was the very reasonable price of $300 each.

Nick offered his daughter $1 to buy one of the items.

“That’s not good math,” Lauryn responded, although she did make a sale.

She even offered to sell some of her works to her “Mimi” Vida, who likewise balked at the $300 retail price (what, no grandparent’s discount?) and explained to Lauryn that all great artists have had to struggle for their craft.

Lauryn has yet to hit up her “Paw Paw”, but I am afraid she will receive the same reply from yours truly, especially since I have yet to see any of these artistic creations. I certainly am not going to fork over $300 without at least knowing what I am getting.

Hey, I may not know art, but I know what I like ...

— Our son Jason, who recently turned 6, apparently has been working on his own bank roll, by taking part time jobs and not mentioning them to his parents. He was visiting his Nana and Papaw the other night and was helping his Aunt Jessica make tortillas.

At one point he flipped a tortilla perfectly, leading Jessica to ask where he learned this skill, to which Jason responded “I worked in a tortilla factory for a week.”

Imagine our surprise to learn of this. Jason later explained he was only joking, but we’re still going to keep an eye out for any W-2 forms with his name which arrive at the Estate.

— Just enough time to mention that the orders of Girl Scout cookies will be arriving today, which means the den of the Estate will once again be filled with boxes of cookies, at least until Vida and our Girl Scout daughter Jaylynn get them sorted and ready for distribution in the near future.

And, if anyone happens to need some beautiful handmade artwork or tortillas, we may be able to hook you up there too.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer