The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

January 31, 2013

Repairing roads must for city

— We are always wary when a government, whether it be local, state or Federal, proposes spending that would increase taxes. It is a slippery road to get on– of course, the more money a government body has, the more it can do. But high taxes can drive away potential new residents and cripple a local economy.

However, in the instance of the city of Greenville preparing to raise approximately $30 million in bonds to repair 12 streets in Greenville, we believe that paying for these roads is a necessary evil.

The 12 streets— Stonewall from Mockingbird to Interstate 30; Webb from Wesley to Sayle; Roy Warren Parkway from Traders Road to FM 1570; Center Point Lane from Roy Warren Parkway to Jacquline Drive; Sayle from Kari Lane to Interstate 30; Wellington from Joe Ramsey to Lee; Shelby from Enterprise to Montana; Stonewall from Park to Stanford; Morgan and Bourland north and west of Carver Elementary School; Live Oak from Bonham to Nashville; Wellington Street from Ridgecrest to Shelby; Ridgecrest Road from Canton Street to Sayle Street— are all in varying levels of disrepair that cause everything from flooding to flat tires. One is little more than a dirt path. Others are minefields of broken curbs and potholes.

As residents of Greenville, we’re tired of driving on or having to avoid these roads. They make our neighborhoods and city look rundown. They damage our cars. They keep away potential residents and businesses.

Fixing streets is one of the primary jobs of a city government. And repairing these streets will cost far more than the city could raise by making cuts in the budget.

We ask the city to ensure that the money raised for these projects will be effectively and judicially spent on quality materials and workmanship, so that these repairs will last Greenville a significant amount of time.

We really can’t afford to do this again anytime soon.