The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 2, 2014

See you at the movies


— Just sitting here, waiting on my close-up ...

The Academy Awards are on tonight, although the folks at the Kellar Estate won’t be watching the show because, for one, The Walking Dead is on and also, as usual, we haven’t seen but a handful of the nominated movies.

And, as always, we realize that nothing on screen can match our day-to-day excitement.

So, we once again venture down to the Kellar Family Multiplex for a look at what’s currently on screen:

Theater One

“Gravity” — What our son Jason, 7, constantly tries to escape as he jumps on just about anything within reach.

Theater Two

“Beautiful Creatures” — My wife Vida, our almost 15 year-old daughter Jaylynn, and our granddaughters Lauryn and Vanessa.

Theater Three

“Rush” — What I try and do to get home at the end of each work day.

Theater Four

“The Heat” — What the residents of the Kellar Estate hope to avoid each summer by using window air conditioner units.

Theater Five

“Frozen” — How I feel each winter morning as I venture downstairs to turn on the heat in time for the arrival of the children attending Vida’s daycare operation.

Theater Six

“Monsters University” — Did I mention Vida runs a daycare operation?

Theater Seven

“The Host” — What Vida loves to be each time she gets to plan an occasion.

Theater Eight

“Escape Plan” — The intricate details we come up with whenever we look forward to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in the spring and The Kellar Family Vacation in the summer.

Theater Nine

“Epic” — How I describe my life with all of these incredible people.

Theater Ten (Double Feature)

“Hunger Games/Catching Fire” and “About Time” — Too often when I try to cook dinner and the reaction when we all finally get a chance to eat dinner together.

Theater Eleven

“Man of Steel” — How I feel to be a part of this amazing family

And now, may I have the envelopes please?

Best Actress— Vida, for so many reasons.

Best Supporting Actress  — Jaylynn, as she transforms into their beautiful young woman right before our eyes.

Best Actor — Our son Nick, for his work at school and for being a father to Lauryn and Vanessa.

Best Supporting Actor — Jason, for his continued efforts at finding his parents’ last nerves ... until he finds the next last nerves.

Best Animated Short Film — Again, the daycare operation mentioned above.

Best Original Screenplay — Me, of course, once again, for the continuing story of my life with all of these other characters.

See you at the movies.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer