The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

July 21, 2013

Having best summer ever?


— Congratulations Jaylynn Kellar! You’re having the Best Summer Ever!

Well, it certainly seems like it.

Jaylynn turned 14 right before summer started. Vida, my wife and the Supreme Summertime Scheduler of Invigorating Exercises and Activities at the Estate had determined that our teenage daughter was not going to spend the following weeks camped in front of a computer screen. So, Vida set out to find things for our child to do ... and she succeeded admirably.

I’ve previously mentioned how Vida and Jaylynn spent a week on South Padre Island as part of a Girl Scout trip. Last week Jaylynn took part in the Greenville Police Department’s Teen Police Academy. Part of the Summer of Safety, it is a program where teenagers spend a week receiving a background into the workings of the police department, everything from handling calls to wearing body armor.

Jaylynn was less than enthused about the idea when we broke the news to her, but reluctantly agreed to go alongside her friend Ashleigh.

As it turned out, as most of the activities took place at the police station across the street from the newspaper, Jaylynn and Ashleigh got to come over for lunch each day.

Jaylynn would fill me in with all of the details of the morning’s events and truly appeared to be having a fantastic time. The highlight was Thursday afternoon, when the teens broke into two teams to work at gathering evidence from a mock crime scene. Jaylynn’s job was to guard the perimeter and, if necessary, keep out the press ... yeah right.

I told Jaylynn that when I go to cover a story, I normally don’t give big hugs to the officers on the scene, but for her I made an exception.

But Vida saved the best for last for our daughter.

Next week, Jaylynn gets to spend a week living on campus at the University of Texas at Dallas, and experience what college life will be like for her in a few years. Yes, we will miss her terribly, but we know she will have a great time.

It won’t be easy dropping her off, but Vida and I understand it will be much easier than when it happens for real. And it will happen, because Jaylynn is going to college ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer