The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 9, 2014

Spring break, daylight savings and bachelors


— Just sitting here, wondering where my extra hour of sleep went this morning ...

— About this time every year, I mention how parents and working adults should get a spring break too. When you are a kid/teenager/college student, you only THINK you appreciate having those extra few days away from stress and rising with the dawn.

When you are a mom or dad, watching your children relishing a vacation in the middle of their school year, you truly get a little misty-eyed while wishing you still had the same opportunity.

— The ladies of the Kellar Estate — Vida and Jaylynn — started spring break this weekend by going camping with the Girl Scouts. This left us men of a male gender — Jason and I — the Estate to ourselves for BACHELOR NIGHT!

 Our itinerary, as set by Jason, 7, included Spaghettios with meatballs for Friday night dinner, a Super Mario Brothers cartoon movie with popcorn before bed and strawberry Pop Tarts for breakfast.

— Before you get too jealous of our temporary “single male” lifestyle, while the Spaghettios were delicious, the Super Mario Brothers cartoon was 2.5 hours of multiple episodes of the 1980s series which I can imagine never came close to being chosen as “animated feature of the year” anywhere in the free world. And we watched it twice Friday night and then again Saturday morning.

It took me back to the days when I used to watch Vida, our son Nick and Nick’s friend Jairo play various forms of Super Mario Brothers games on the Super Nintendo ... for hours and even days on end. And now that dang theme music is stuck in my head on an endless loop again ...

— As for Vida and the Girl Scouts, they left Friday afternoon for two nights camping at a facility near Paris. Of course, judging by the amount of planning, shopping and packing which was involved with this process, a non-Girl Scout would be safe in assuming these ladies were intending to mount a recreation of the Invasion of Normandy or an extended siege of some castle fortress. I hate to think they forgot anything ...

— And, as far as this whole “turn the clocks an hour ahead” business, I would just like to point out that when you have younger children and pets in the house, what it says on the clock doesn’t really matter.

Jason — who requires an act of congress before getting out of bed each school day — was up almost with the dawn Saturday morning, ready to watch his Super Mario Brothers cartoon again. At about the same time our dogs Bosco and Millie decided it would be a good time to take a stroll around the back yard of the Estate, while Farnsworth the cat was flipping the mail slot on the front door of the Estate to let me know I was taking entirely too long to provide him with breakfast.

So, like I said, I really, really would appreciate a spring break. I’ll even wait until summer, or fall, just as long as I know one may be headed this way ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer