The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 26, 2012

Doing ‘Back-To-School Dance 2012’


— The start of another school year is upon us. Sigh ...

— The occupants of the Kellar Estate are prepared for this eventuality, at least we think we are.

Vida, my wife and the Diva Of Daily School Drives, has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to have just a few less rugrats running around her Miss Vida’s Playtime Daycare operation during the daytime hours.

As such she has been a rehearsing her annual “Back To School Dance” during the past few days.

“It’s the first day of school! It’s the first day of school!” she sings as she wears a little path in the carpet.

Vida has been buying school supplies and uniforms, has made sure our children have new hairstyles and will be looking sharp, and has used GPS and Google Maps to plot the course she will take for the drop offs in the morning and the pick ups each afternoon.

— Our daughter Jaylynn, 13, is heading to the eighth grade at Greenville Middle School. Long gone are the days when our child would jump up and down over her new pencils and notebooks and she no longer shows any joy at modeling her new school clothes.

In fact, we believe it will take major surgery to pry Jaylynn away from her desktop computer and the latest round of “Wizard 101” in order to get her to class each morning.

— Our son Jason, closing in on 6, is looking forward to going to school this year ... somewhat. Jason is starting kindergarten at Lamar Elementary and we took him and his buddy Abby to the “Meet The Teacher” night Thursday.

We watched as Jason and Abby jumped around the lobby, and noticed how they marveled at all of the objects on the walls as we walked to the classroom. We are taking bets on just how long this unbridled enthusiasm will last. My money is on two days ...

— Vida has also asked me to remind parents out there that the start of the fall semester is also the time when the Girl Scouts will be conducting their annual registration drives.

Vida, currently the Girl Scout Service Unit Manager for Hunt County, is hoping to see a lot of girls sign up this year, since whatever free time Vida has had (when not preparing for the start of the fall semester) she has spent working on plans for the Girl Scouts. Signs will be posted outside of the campuses of several Hunt County schools in the near future, alerting parents as to the sign-up sessions.

— And the start of the fall semester also means the start of high school football, with the first games this Friday, as well as the start of the Herald-Banner Pick-It Line! I’ve done pretty well on picking the games the last few seasons and am hoping to avoid any significant embarrassment this year.

— I can hear Vida warming up already:

“It’s the first day of school! It’s the first day of school!”

Well, it will be tomorrow, anyway ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer