The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 3, 2012

‘Robin Hood’ has graduated pre-K

— Yet another occupant of the Kellar Estate has achieved an educational milestone.

Our son Jason, 5, graduated from Pre-K at L.P. Waters Friday morning. Just a few short months ago, our rambunctious child began his academic career. And there he was, standing on the stage, dressed in his blue graduation gown, calmly waiting as his parents and grandma Reba cheered and took photos.

But when told it was time to go, Jason attempted to hand the paper certificate he had just been given back to his teacher. Hopefully, in about 13 years or so, he won’t make the same mistake.

— With Jason’s graduation comes the official end of another school year. You could have almost heard my wife Vida — the owner/manager of the Miss Vida’s Playtime Day Care, which she operates out of the Estate — tense up as she anticipated the increased flood of school children of all ages who will be needing a place to stay, things to do and, most importantly, things to eat during the next few months.

Me, I plan on spending even more time here at the paper ...

— Our summer got off to an early start during the Memorial Day weekend. On that Saturday we made our mandated annual family excursion to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie. Regular readers will know that our family has been making this same trip each May pretty much every year for the past 20 or so, usually taking one or more “newbies” with us each time.

This year, we brought along our friend Stacey Ross and her sons T.J. and Anthony and her daughters Ashleigh (one of our 13-year-old daughter Jaylynn’s friends) and Abby Lynn (who also happens to be one of Jason’s best buddies and who also graduated Pre-K Friday).

Jaylynn, 13, spent the day hanging out with Ashleigh and some more of her fellow Girl Scouts, leaving the rest of us just walking through the grounds, not in any hurry to get anywhere or see anything. We had an amazing time, as usual.

Jason decided to try the “reverse bungee”, in which an individual is strapped into a harness and then bounced high into the air from a trampoline. Our boy was not scared. In fact he started doing back flips with his very first bounce and kept it up the entire time. Yep, Jason is young and brave ...

— “Brave” is also an apropos word for Jason’s newest fascination, archery. He has been bugging me for months to buy him a bow and arrow set, ever since he saw the first commercials for the new Pixar movie opening this summer. As Jason got his face painted at the festival, he noticed another boy about his age who had a set and the nagging commenced nonstop.

I promised Jason that I would see about buying him a rig of his own, if he behaved the rest of the day. Sure enough, Jason was as close to an angel as a 5-year-old boy can get and even stood quiet and patient among the crowds while waiting at the Festival’s archery booth. After showing him the fundamentals, the shop keeper offered Jason a practice shot. The words were barely out of the man’s mouth before Jason had fired off his first arrow ever, hitting the target right next to the bullseye.

Of course, Jason now thinks he is the reincarnation of Robin Hood ...

— And, thanks to Jaylynn’s prowess at selling Girl Scout cookies, we planned to spend yesterday (Saturday) relaxing in the sun, water and chlorine during a free visit to the Hawaiian Falls water park in The Colony.

Frankly, if this pace keeps up all summer, we probably will be looking forward to the start of the fall school semester, just so we can get some rest ...

Just a thought ...