The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 4, 2013

Signs that summer can’t last forever


— August is absolutely the worst time of year in Texas, but there is hope ...

— Yes, we are in the middle of the hottest time of the year, where it becomes a broken record to say that it rose to 100 degrees or more every afternoon, a time when it is impossible to do anything outside except swim or sweat and the month when it comes down to a decision about whether you eat this week or leave the air conditioning on long enough to sleep.

But there are some indicators that conditions will soon improve for the better.

— For one thing, Dallas Cowboys football starts for the season with the Hall of Fame game tonight! Yes, it is the first game of the preseason, which means 98 percent of the game will be played by people we don’t know and will likely never see in a Cowboys uniform once the regular season starts.

And true, there is a good chance the Cowboys will have another 8-8 record and miss the playoffs again,  but it is football, the ultimate fall sport, which means that the start of the season and the arrival of cooler temperatures are only a few weeks away.

— Another positive sign came this morning, when Vida — the Supreme School Supplies Shopper at the Kellar Estate — ventured out to the local stores and purchased just about everything our son Jason, 6.5, will need for the first grade in the upcoming semester. Now all we have to worry about is shopping for school clothes ...

— With the imminent arrival of the football season and the start of school, that means summer cannot last more than another six weeks or so.

That first cool front of the fall will be greeted with a tremendous Huzzah! from all of the people who live in Texas and will be followed in short order by Rally ‘Round Greenville, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

North Texas can then be expected to experience its standard three weeks of winter during the start of 2014, before it is once again time to start thinking about bathing suits, extra strength deodorant and summer vacations.

— So all I can say friends is, hang in there. Summer is not going to last forever and as a bonus, the next handful of weeks will be the ones which we tell our grandchildren about in a few years, when we begin each story with, “What? You think this is hot? Well, I remember back in August 2013 ...”

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer