The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 2, 2014

Warming up old crystal ball again


— Time once again to peer into the mists of the future and make my fearless predictions for what lies ahead for Greenville and Hunt County.

As always, I must explain that I am not a fortune teller and started this exercise 14 years ago as a joke, in comparison to all of the “serious” tabloid magazine articles which would crop up at the start of each year.

At this point in 2013 I had compiled a record of 77 correct predictions and 52 wrong guesses. Not bad.

For 2013 I had predicted:

— At least one more major positive industrial announcement, a big one, inside Greenville coming in the first six months of the year. Actually there were two big announcements — Fritz Industries and International Grains and Cereal — but they both occurred during August. So, I can count that as one right and one wrong, I guess.

— The Dallas Cowboys would make the playoffs. Um, nope, I was wrong on that score again.

— Local unemployment would continue to remain well below 8 percent for the entire year and could drop even more by the end of 2013. Unemployment rose to 7.4 percent in June, then fell for the next six straight months. I was right on that one.

— There would be a major, giant, HUGE announcement concerning an economic development project in Hunt County, but not necessarily inside Greenville, this year. Well, aside from the aforementioned Fritz and International Cereal stuff, I don’t know what I was seeing here. I got this one wrong.

— Voters in May would approve the sale of bonds for a new Greenville YMCA along the Monty Stratton Parkway. This I got right.

— I believed the Denver Broncos would win the Super Bowl last year, with Peyton Manning named as MVP. OK, obviously I got that one wrong ... for last year.

Which brings my record to 80 correct predictions and 56 wrong wild guesses.

Now, for 2014 I see:

— Splash Kingdom opening to rave reviews in mid-to-late June.

— The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl this year, with Peyton Manning named as MVP.

— The Dallas Cowboys will make the playoffs. Honestly, it has to happen eventually, right?

— Greenville will go through another year without recording a murder.

— There will another positive industrial development announcement coming in the second half of 2014.

— A major retailer will make an announcement that it is coming to Greenville, but the word won’t arrive until at least fall of this year.

That’s about it for now. The old crystal ball is starting to cloud over. Remember, these predictions are for entertainment purposes only (hey, I was entertained) and are not to be used for wagering or any other money-making uses unless I receive a cut (kidding!).

Here’s hoping all your positive predictions come true this year.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer