The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

December 8, 2012

Talking about babies, Christmas decorations


— No, we have not yet put up the Christmas lights outside the Estate, but there is a good reason ...

— Actually, if all goes as planned, I will be on the exterior of the Estate today, as the major cold front blows through of course, stringing up lights and placing decorations. This will entail dragging said lights and decorations out of the storage building in the back yard and from the attic at the Estate, so my Sunday is pretty much booked and dedicated toward making sure the Estate’s Christmas spirit is shared with the surrounding neighborhood.

— Fortunately — and again this is if all goes as planned — I won’t be alone in this endeavor. I will be working alongside my son Nick, who is about to turn 23, and Carl, who is the husband of Cassie, one of Vida’s best buddies. This is because the women folk are all going to be gathering during the afternoon for a baby shower to celebrate the impending arrival of Nick’s second daughter.

Yes, Nick is about to become a father for the second time, which means I am going to be a grandfather twice over. The latest little bundle of joy is due to arrive early next year, and Vida decided to organize the shower for Nick’s lady love Heather at our friend Howard and Sheila’s residence here in town.

So, while their home will be just filled to the brim with estrogen, the Kellar Estate will be where all of the testosterone can be found Sunday afternoon.

While I had intended for me and the guys to gather around the television for some man of the male gender bonding while watching the Dallas Cowboys game, Vida decided our time and talents would be better utilized in setting up the Christmas decorations. OK, fine ...

— Vida has been busy this week decorating the inside of the Estate for Christmas, while also planning for the baby shower. She has shopped and fussed and learned the intricacies of how to make a “diaper” cake (gee, that sounds yummy) and what kind of vermouth to use in the stuffed mushrooms to be served as appetizers among countless other details.

But the other night Vida noticed how many of the other homes on our block already have their lights and decorations displayed, which is when she came to the conclusion that we, meaning I, needed to do the same.

— Still, if we men folk are lucky, we may get finished decorating in time to catch at least some of the second half of the game. But that is if all goes as planned. And regular readers will know just how rarely that occurs at the Estate, even with added testosterone.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer