The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

September 1, 2012

One man’s thoughts upon turning 52


— Nope, there is no way to avoid it. Tuesday is my birthday ... my 52nd birthday.

Long gone are the days when I could look forward to big parties with presents and chocolate cake. OK, so maybe I’ll still have some cake ... if my daughter Jaylynn, 13, and 5 year-old son Jason don’t eat it all first.

But what I have received during the past five decades (wow, am I that old?) or so mean I really don’t need any expensive wrapped gifts.

The other day Vida — my wife and The Person Who Drives Me To Commerce When I Have To Go During The Summer Because My Car Does Not Have Air Conditioning — and I were exchanging “I love yous” as we occasionally do and I mentioned how happy I felt, with my birthday approaching, that I ended up with a fantastic wife, loving family, job that I love and more.

“Those are all the things I wondered if I would ever achieve, back when I was just this geeky nerd of a kid,” I said.

“You are still a geeky nerd, dear, ” Vida helpfully reminded me.

“And you still married me,” I happily replied.

“Yes, I elevated your status, didn’t I,” Vida, with not a hint of sarcasm in her voice, explained.

“Yes, yes you did,” I agreed because, lets face it, when she’s right, she’s right.

I really have no complaints about my life, which involve being a father to three fantastic children, including Nick, 22, who is the editor at the East Texan newspaper this year.

Sure, there are a number of items on my “Dream Wish List” which would be nice to have; a newer car, a bigger house, Dallas Cowboys/Dallas Mavericks/Texas Rangers luxury boxes (or box seat season tickets, I’m not picky).

But if I never obtain any of these, I am still going to have a smile on my face. My little 1997 Mercury Tracer gets me around town just fine (and as I mentioned, I have a hot lady chauffeur to take me on longer trips) (heh heh), the Estate is really the perfect size for all of us, and I always have the best seats in the house for all of the big games (when my family lets me have access to the big screen TV in the den, otherwise I watch them on the little TV in the kitchen ... which is right next to the refrigerator) (heh heh).

So, all things considered, my life is pretty good, heading into my 52nd year.

Wow, am I really that old?

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer