The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 21, 2013

Festival helps one forget rest of the world


GREENVILLE — It is no secret that the residents of the Kellar Estate love going to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie.

I have been going since the festival’s second year and was responsible for recruiting Vida shortly after we started dating in 1993. Vida has been recruiting our friends and family since that time. We have only missed one year, when Jaylynn was born, during the past two decades.

Why do we keep going back? Because of days like we had last weekend.

Scarborough is a wonderful place where all of the members of the cast and many of the visitors dress in colorful, Renaissance-inspired costumes; where there are multiple performances, unique arts and crafts and incredible food and where you can just forget about the rest of the world for a few hours and have fun.

Last Saturday, April 13, was sunny and warm and there were a total of nine of us in our entourage. We split into two groups, with Jaylynn and her friends heading in one direction while the adults headed in the opposite direction.

During the day, we adults ate way too much, spent way too much and had a blast catching our favorite shows, including the can’t miss Don Juan and Miguel. We also enjoyed meeting and interacting with several of the characters we had not met before.

But the highlight of the trip, and what will be one of our all-time high points, was when our friend Shelia got on stage during the Franko the Hypnotist show. Shelia loves to volunteer for the stage acts, having been a hit with the entire audience during The German Brothers show a couple years back.

Franko had Shelia and the others on stage performing silly stunts which left us in tears and talking about the show all day.

Maybe it was the perfect weather, and maybe it was because we all needed a day off from our troubles, but this year’s visit to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival was one the best we’ve ever experienced.

Of course, we will undoubtedly be saying the same thing one year from now ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer