The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 9, 2013

Could we really make 'the' difference?

Special to the Herald-Banner

— The reason why my platform  of “Individuals of Influence” is so close to me is because I recently lost someone very close to me. This past summer. a good friend of mine died from a drug and alcohol overdose.

He was in his early 20s and had such great potential to accomplish many things in his future. When he went to college, he began hanging out with the “wrong crowd.” I had heard this but never took the time to approach him directly.

Would he still be here if I had become involved? Even if it would have been a difficult situation, I cannot help but think that I might have been the one to plant a seed that would have caused him to consider the choices he was making.

All of us can honestly say that we have been influenced by others numerous times during our lives. Those influential moments either positively or negatively impacted the course of our lives. I want to teach people how to stay above the peer pressure, and how to become a positive influence in other’s lives.

I have been told throughout my life that actions speak louder than words; I recently realized the depth of this truth. It is my responsibility to live a life that is above reproach because you never know who is watching you and will see your actions.

Whether it is at an event or just being with friends and family people watch your actions. I believe that being an individual of influence means living your life free of drugs and alcohol. Young people these days think that to have fun these things need to be involved.

It is time to change their belief. Being an individual of influence you are helping change people’s lives.

As Miss Hunt County, I will be able to talk to the people both of my generation and younger about the effects of drugs and alcohol. I feel that my title will open avenues in order to create better communication with those I desire to reach.

As Miss Hunt County, I want to leave a lasting legacy that impacts our community in a dramatic way.

Bishop is Miss Hunt County 2013