The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

June 17, 2012

Wanting Estate girls home for Father’s Day


— Well, the annual occasion has arrived again where sons and daughters are theoretically obligated to pay tribute to their patriarchs.

Yes, it is Father’s Day, although it should be a rather subdued occasion at the Kellar Estate this year. At least most of it anyway.

Vida, my wife and Ultimate Organizer of Events, Excursions and ... Other Stuff at the Estate, is on her way back from a long trip to Savannah, Ga.

Vida and some of the other Girl Scout leaders and parents took our daughter Jaylynn, 13, and several of the other local Girl Scouts on a visit to the birthplace of the organization in honor of its 100th anniversary.

They are due back today, and once they arrive home safely that will indeed be the best Father’s Day present I could ask for.

I have missed my girls terribly this past week. Sure, it was fun at night not having to compete for computer or television time. But it was also way too quiet, as our son Jason, 5, spent most of the nights with his Grandma Reba.

So, it was pretty much just me and the dogs; Bosco, Millie and Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell, well she’s  pretty old and not all there these days. But Bosco and Millie obviously missed Jaylynn and Vida just as much as I did.

Each night Bosco and Millie would curl up at my feet as I attempted to watch television, but would rush to the front door barking their lungs out whenever they heard a car door close anywhere in the neighborhood. I can hardly wait to see how they will react when Vida and Jaylynn actually walk through the door. Probably about the same way I will.

Jason has asked about his Mommy and Sissy several times, expressing some frustration when he was told they were not coming back until today.

But he also has been pretty busy this week. His friend Abby (the daughter of Stacie Ross, one of the other Girl Scout leaders) also got to stay at Reba’s this past week. While Vida and Jaylynn got to travel halfway across the country, I have taken Jason and Abby to the movies to watch “Madagascar 3”, to the Hunt County Fair (twice) and to the SportsPark for Fishing Friday. So, their social calendar has been pretty full.

I plan today to take Jason and Abby out to lunch, then come home and make dinner for the girls, who I assume will be pretty hungry by the time they arrive.

Upon their arrival I anticipate a long period of excited welcomes, hugs, kisses, unpacking, dinner and story telling before the Estate will finally grow quiet once more. The difference is, my girls will be back under my roof. And that is all I really want for Father’s Day.

Of course, I wouldn’t mind a new necktie or soap on a rope ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer