The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 25, 2013

Let the school bells ring


— Just sitting here, trying to grasp the entirety of the upcoming academic year and what it means for the Kellar Estate ...

— Our eldest son, Nick, on Monday will be starting what is likely to be his final semester at Texas A&M University-Commerce. In a few short months our adult child will be coming to face to face with the real “Real World” and all of its implications.

I am tremendously proud of Nick and look forward to seeing how he writes the next chapters in his life as both a man and as a father to our two beautiful granddaughters.

 — Our daughter Jaylynn, 14, will begin her freshman year at Greenville High School. Jaylynn appears to be ready, and I have no doubt that she will be up to the challenges ahead of her.

She is excited over the fact she gets to take a class on small animals, as Jaylynn long ago decided she wanted to become a veterinarian.

— Our son Jason, 6, is entering the first grade and I have a notion he is not exactly prepared for what is about to happen. He will be sharing a class with one of his best friends, Abby Lynn Ross and I took them both to meet their new teacher Thursday night.

Now, I had mentioned to Jason on a few occasions during the summer that first grade was not going to be like Kindergarten or Pre-K and that there would be less time spent playing and more time learning. Well, I don’t think he fully grasped the concept.

Jason and Abby entered the room, met the teacher and chose their seats next to each other. Then they started walking around, checking out the new digs. After a few moments, a confused Jason turns around and asked, “Where do you keep all the toys?”

It could be a long year where Jason is concerned.

— With the start of the school year also comes the transition at the Estate from Vida keeping a mass of small children all day long at her daycare, to shuttling many of them to school and back each day.

 This means instead of roving herds of small people constantly moving from room to room, or huddled together with toys in virtually every corner of the ground floor of the Estate, there will be regularly scheduled sessions of chaos each morning and afternoon, separated by the gentle lull of Vida and her Aunt Pam caring for those children too young to go to school, allowing the adults a few hours during the day to regain their sanity.

This is a good thing ... a very good thing.

— So, let the school bells ring and let’s get the semester started. We are looking forward to a great school year ... and a little quiet at the Estate during the day ...

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer