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December 15, 2013

How we survived ‘Icemageddon’


— Just sitting here, realizing I have to start my Christmas shopping pretty soon now ...

The Kellar Estate and its occupants survived The Great Ice Storm of 2013 in pretty good shape and even managed to help shelter some friends of ours during the event.

Of course, the news had been dominated for several days about the potential “icemageddon”. In preparation, much of the staff here at the paper had been told to just wait it out at home on Friday, December 6. I had been called in to work and arrived shortly before the newspaper’s power was lost.

There’s not a whole lot you can do, news-wise these days, as you are sitting in the dark and cold with no access to your computer. We had no electricity for about three hours and even lost the phones for a time, before returning to the 21st Century.

The Estate was even more fortunate. Vida, my wife and the Amazing Electrical Emergency Emancipator at the Estate, informed me the residence only lost power for about 15 minutes or so, hardly enough time for the chill to set in.

Our friend Stacey Ross and her clan weren’t so lucky. Their home in the Jacobia area lost electricity early Friday morning and it stayed off until crews with Sharyland Utilities got it back on Sunday afternoon.

 The five of them bunked with the four of us during the blackout and you might think that would cause some problems concerning cabin fever and the fact that we were all sharing the one tiny bathroom at the Estate.

However, we all had a great time. Jason, 7, enjoyed having some extra friends around to play the Wii with, while we all took turns cooking and washing dishes for the Estate’s expanded population.

About the only complication was they had to bring their Dachshund along. This did not sit well with Bosco, the Oversized Schnauzer Puppy. Bosco is known for not exactly being the most welcoming of canines, at least when it comes to other pooches.

 While Millie, the Laid Back Spaniel Mix Dustmop With Legs greeted the new arrival with his typically hospitable sniff to say “Yo! What’s Up Dog?”, Bosco felt it necessary to display his perceived dominance over a wiener dog about a third his size.

This resulted in a complicated series of maneuvers in which we would cordon off one section of the Estate for Bosco and Millie and the other for the house guest, occasionally switching back and forth. It worked out pretty well, except for those occasions when all concerned felt they had to visit the great outdoors at the same time.

Still, the ice storm was responsible for creating some really great memories. Even so, lets just hope we don’t have to repeat the adventure any time soon.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer