The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

September 16, 2012

Welcoming fall


— Really enjoying the cooler weather...

— The folks at the Kellar Estate, pets included, have a little bit more pep in their steps these days, because we all are welcoming the imminent arrival of the fall season.

The passing of a few cool fronts in recent days has meant less use of the giant air conditioners at the Estate and more time spent on the front porch, relishing the breezes crossing the lawn.

The dogs — Millie, the Laid Back Spaniel Mix and Bosco, the Oversized Schnauzer — have always leapt at the chance to go outside and take care of their business. But since Memorial Day, they have tended to slow to a crawl the instant they venture outside. Lately however, they are back to their usual canine selves and are enjoying each walk with renewed energy.

Farnsworth the Attack Cat ... well unless he is engaged in a stare down and meowing contest or all out rumble with one of the other neighborhood kitties, he doesn’t really do much no matter what the temperature is outside. But when that first cold front rushed through the area, Farnsworth kept rushing to the front door, flipping the mail slot over and over. At first we thought he was hungry, again, but soon realized he was freaking out at the sudden change in the atmospheric conditions. A little indoor pampering by our daughter Jaylynn, 13, and he was ready to return to the wild.

I had plans this weekend to take Jaylynn and our son Jason, 5, downtown to the Rally Round Greenville, so that we could get some actual fresh air, instead of lounging around in puddles in close proximity to the air vents.

Vida, My Wife and the Majestic Matriarch of Menu Management at the Estate, has begun to show signs of regained interest in the kitchen at the Estate. See, during the summer, Vida loses all desire to spend any time cooking, due to the unrelenting heat. But when the fall months arrive, she starts planning on creating some soups, stews and salads, which ultimately leads to the Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts at the Estate.

As for me, fall is my favorite time of year, due to the aforementioned cooler weather and holidays, along with the start of the new television season, Dallas Cowboys football and the Texas Rangers heading into the baseball playoffs.

Then, of course, there is the upcoming Texas State Fair, during which Jaylynn gets to take part in a parade honoring the Girl Scouts.

Technically, fall doesn’t actually begin until the end of this week. But hey, as far as the Estate’s concerned, it is already here.

Just a thought ...

Kellar is a Herald-Banner staff writer