The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 16, 2013

Neighbors want break from car wash noise

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — Residents of one neighborhood in southeast Greenville say they are fed up with the noise coming from a car wash along FM 1570/Jack Finney Boulevard.

Tom Moore lives on Arrowhead Drive, directly behind the business.

“We have no issue with the car wash, it is just the constant sound of the blowers,” Moore said. “It sounds exactly like the emergency siren going off.”

Moore was one of several people who approached the City Council Tuesday, complaining that they have lived with the noise ever since the car wash opened about a year ago.

City Attorney Daniel Ray said he had spoken with the owner of the car wash on multiple occasions.

“Who has been completely non-responsive,” Ray said. “So we decided to start the process of prosecution.”

Ray said hundreds of complaints are received by the city about the noise every day, as the car wash and the blowers which are the problem operate from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.

John L. Brown was one of the residents who filed the complaints.

“If you are using the blow dryer in the bathroom, it is louder than the blow dryer,” Brown said. “If you are outside mowing, it is louder than the mower.”

The residents said they find it hard to sleep and that the noise is disrupting their lives.

“The owner has made some concessions,” said Kurt Chambers, adding that the road emanating from the blowers was not one of them. “I called 35 times Saturday.”

Ray said he wanted to speak to the Council during Tuesday’s executive session about a proposal to require the addition of fencing around the car wash and measures to help reduce the blower noise around the bays themselves. As a last resort, Ray said, the city could consider filing a suit against the owner in state district court, claiming the car wash is a public nuisance due to volume of the complaints received about the property.