The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

October 5, 2013

Finding someone to do a dirty, likely expensive job

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — The southwest corner of Greenville is expected to see a lot of growth and economic development in the coming years, provided plumbing infrastructure can be provided to the region.

Even if a major project wanted to build in the area tomorrow, it could not due a lack of water and sewer treatment.

The city council is expected to learn next week how much it would cost to complete a lift station project to provide the sewer service.

City Manager Massoud Ebrahim is scheduled to make a presentation on to the council Tuesday, concerning the results of a preliminary engineering study on installing sanitary sewer service to approximately 4,000 acres in the area in and around the intersection of Interstate 30 and the Monty Stratton Parkway.

The report is included under the council’s work session starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, with the regular agenda beginning one hour later, in the Municipal Building, 2821 Washington Street.

One year ago, Ebrahim briefed the council on the need to allocate funds on designs for water line improvements and a lift station along the parkway. He explained there was a need for approximately 6,300 linear feet of 12-inch water distribution main line, to provide water to any development which may intend to locate in the region.

The city hired Pacheco Koch to design the project for $36,251, with the actual cost of the work expected to be $300,000 to $400,000.

At the same time, the council entered into a $94,830 contract with Freese and Nichols, Inc. for the preliminary design of a 1 million gallon per day regional lift station for the same area.

In 1998, Greenville annexed approximately 6,000 acres of land north and south of the interstate corridor and around Monty Stratton. At the time, there was a discussion on building a new wastewater treatment plant in the region, which was later dropped when a decision was made in 2007 to build next to the existing plant.

But Ebrahim said the city still needs to address the area’s growing wastewater demand. The contract with Freese and Nichols was to be for a “very preliminary stage” and that the actual cost of the design of the lift station would be closer to $500,000.

The project would require utility easement for approximately 20,000 feet of force main, as well as utility easement/right-of-way for major sanitary sewer trunk lines. Ebrahim estimated the lift station would cost up to $6 million to build. The design of the lift station itself would take up to two years, with approximately one year to construct the project, meaning it would be at least three years before any development could occur in the region.