The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 13, 2012

Saluting his fellow veterans

Herald-Banner Staff

COMMERCE —  State Representative Dan Flynn said a sense of honor and pride was instilled in him during his six-year service in the United States Army.

Flynn spoke Tuesday during the Texas A&M University-Commerce Veterans Vigil. The event was staged outside the Sam Rayburn Memorial Student Center.

“A lot of things happened to me while I was in the military,” he said.

Flynn said he didn’t fully realize what he had signed up for.

“I thought they were sending me to prison when I first got there,” he said. “We got there and they beat us up and yelled at us all the time.”

According to Flynn, the training was to teach them how to be soldiers.

“They taught us to follow orders without question to keep us alive during combat,” he said. “They had us training with live fire.”

Flynn said he began to understand what it meant to belong to the military.

“The first day we had a parade I got out there and I remember a spirit that came into my heart,” he said. “It was a pride of being able to represent the greatest nation on earth.”

Flynn said he will never forget that feeling of pride in his country.

“I’ll never forget that feeling,” he said. “I still feel it today.”

Flynn said there will always be people willing to die for freedom.

“You never see anyone signing up to protect socialism,” he said. “But you’ll see people gladly sign up to die for freedom.”