The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 2, 2012

Celebrating the devil

Herald-Banner Staff


To the editor:

The ghost night, the ghost walks have come to a close. The ghost houses, this is all in “fun.”

I can remember when Halloween was fun for “small children.” The “trick and treaters.” It is now a party for “adults,” a “$6 million” party.

Billy Graham said Halloween is a night for the “devil” to celebrate.

What the people need is the “Holy Ghost.” Why give the devil his special night?

We have come a long way. “Bus tours” through the cemeteries. The local citizens go to the cemetery to look for ghosts, have a “witchcraft party” and talk with the dead.

I have “good news” for the “ghost hunters”; the “grave” is “empty.”

Let the cemetery be a “sacred place” for our loved ones, our family members.

In “respect to the Tom King family,” let Tom King rest in peace at East Mount Cemetery. Show “respect to our loved ones.”

Truly yours,

Dorothy Poole

Lone Oak