The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 24, 2013

Obama’s Waterloo

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Have you ever heard the old and worn phrase,. “He met his Waterloo”? That saying has been around since the French emperor Napoleon lost his battle at Waterloo, Belgium, 200 years ago. Before that happened he managed to create all kind of problems across Europe guaranteeing his eventual removal.

This begs the question, could our emperor be repeating history? Could he meet a terminal experience as a result of the Benghazi fiasco? Will we be saying in a short time to come that he met his Benghazi?

Well, if he does, he deserves it. How long are you willing to tolerate the destructive, anti-Christian, immoral, divisive, inept, costly leadership under this president? Think about his activities during his time in office.

 Consider his actions today. Last year he spent over $11 million of our money for golf and vacations alone. Now as a show of frugality, he stopped White House tours.

 Big deal! Oh yes, another display of poor judgment, he  is considering termination of the Easter egg hunt at the White House. Guess he forgot that would give him more face time on camera. Brings up another question that may override the possibility he wants to save a few thousand dollars — Easter is Christian! Is there any doubt the government leadership is anti-Christian? Think about the voting at the DNC where the attendees ranted, waved and shouted to remove “God” from their platform. Worried about losing votes, the chairman pretended the “yeas “ got it. The opposite was obvious.

People, it’s time we declare we have had enough. When we hear those in government like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi say and do stupid things affecting our country, how tolerant should we be?

Do you want CSCOPE programs in your schools? Do you want obamacare? Do you want to add to a national debt that will not be paid in our lifetimes? Draw that “red” line now! Impeachment should not be out of the question. Mid term elections may be the next and last opportunity to take the country back and restore our worldwide standing and reputation.

Do your part by writing, calling and spreading your disapproval to others, encouraging them to do the same. Get moving right away, make a difference. Be ready to throw them all out in 2014. Every candidate needs to be vetted for character before voting.

Remember what Baldwin, founder of ACLU, said many years ago. “If you can destroy the moral underpinnings of a society, you can control that society.” They are adhering to that philosophy.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. and Paul Parker/Adams