The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 12, 2013

Lavish praise

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

I enjoyed reading your editorial of Aug. 9, “GISD to be commended.” However, in your attempt to lavish praise on our local tax-supported schools, you left out one very important fact. GISD was merely one of 975 districts in the state to achieve the “Met Standard” rating. In fact, according to the Texas Education Agency only 50 of our state’s 1,026 school districts failed to achieve the standard met by GISD. Stated differently, GISD did what roughly 93 percent of school districts in Texas did.

While GISD is part of the 93 percent, that is not to say that we are not improving on the dreaded “Academically Unacceptable” rating we earned in 2011. Hopefully, an important corner has been turned and the improvements will continue. Given the outrageous cost of government education, the taxpayer should certainly hope so.


Ron Rogers