The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

August 9, 2013

Planning for the long term

Herald-Banner Staff

LONE OAK — To the editor:

The guest opinion page writer Mitch Vaughn in the July 28 newspaper — he took the reader on a “wild wagon ride.”

It was like telling a man how to ride a mule when he had never seen a mule.

One paragraph he was “right on target,” then the next paragraph, “don’t know, maybe.”

How many homeless shelters has he visited? Has he given a coat or blanket to a homeless man?

When I was a small child my grandfather had his homeless shelter, working homeless men in the cotton fields. His motto, “no work, no hot meals.”

In a homeless shelter, a “hand up or a handout”? Give a man a meal, a bed to sleep, then train him to get a job.

The jobs today are “skilled workers.” There must be a program, paid by government grants, in training the homeless in getting a job.

The city should make plans to relocate large companies to Hunt County. Give citizens a job, then make a count of homeless people.

The planning of the local homeless shelter in long-term, not a plan to get a hot  meal, a place to sleep for the night.

The homeless will be screened to get those in need. A hand up to help them to get back on the road again with a smile and happiness.

I hope Mr. Vaughn will be at the public meeting Aug. 13 to hear discussing the homeless shelter before the city council. The Christians are saying “get the homeless shelter on go.” The need is great.

Truly yours,

Dorothy Poole

Lone Oak