The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

November 2, 2012

Learn from the past

Herald-Banner Staff


To the editor:

“I propose…”

I propose that we stop throwing out all the hard-earned wisdom that comes from past experiences. History is not a stupid subject. What happened in the past was either a wonderful thing or a bad thing. If we weren’t so lazy we would look at past bad things and see that dishonest and bad-intentioned people look at what has worked for them in the past and they try it over and over again. As long as a scam works, they keep right on using it.

We have a whole lot of people in government offices who have figured out how to line their pockets at our expense, and by golly we keep right on electing them to do nothing for us and everything for themselves. I propose we petition for a law that says, in plain words, that an elected, appointed or hired person in a position paid by tax dollars may not in any way profit from that position other than the salary paid for that position — if they do, they go to jail.

Betty Matteson