The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 19, 2013

How long will it take?

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

This was interesting, informative and revealing — but far from surprising. 

How long will it take the media to understand that the enemy is in charge?  When a Muslim, after 9/11, made the statement that they don’t have to fight us because they would win from within, he knew something now revealed through activities in the White House. Everything he has done is and has been harmful to the country. The Constitution has become meaningless if it gets in his way. The president’s disinterest in attempting, even pretending, to provide aid to the embattled Benghazi Embassy, should justify immediate action for impeachment, at least. In fact, it could be considered treasonous. All you need to do is review his oath of office to realize how bereft of character this man is.

Media may be the enemy’s greatest asset outside of our president. The greatest mystery of all is why the media do not recognize how self-destructive they are.

We will pay dearly. The only spark of consolation might be that we will all be togethe when we go down. 

M/M Cecelia and Paul Parker/Adams