The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

April 22, 2014

Pass the bond

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Many of you know me as a “I’ve-had-just-about-enough” kind of guy. Regarding the recent barbs from the trio against our schools, that is just about what I have had. I would have liked to seen more citizens at the school bond public forum recently. I learned great things about GISD.

Our newest school is our high school built in 1980. It’s 34 years old! Just think of the technological advances we’ve had in 10 years. No doubt we’re outdated. Our oldest schools were built in 1950 and 1953. I have independent knowledge to share. I worked the front desk of a local hotel from 2006 to 2010. I encountered hundreds of people hiring into Greenville. I actively tried to get those families to live here. The two biggest reasons for not moving here? 1) They heard the schools were bad. 2) They couldn’t find a house to purchase.

I shared this information with the school board around 2008. I am extremely proud of Don Jefferies, GISD employees, parents, and school board members for turning around the perception and improving our system. Hats off! If we don’t upgrade our schools now, then when?

As for complainers about work many of us do to get Greenville back on track, they offer no solutions. James Evans is a good example of someone who should not run unopposed for City Council. Ron Rogers owns no property in Greenville to my knowledge. That means he doesn’t pay any property tax to support our schools in the first place. I’m not claiming I’m perfect, but I have no children and I’m smart enough to know the health of our schools is paramount.

Let’s get behind those in our community that volunteer hours crunching real time information to present our needs. James Evans would like you to believe we’ve all been living under a rock. Let’s spend less time on people comparing Texas with no state income tax to states like New Jersey that do. It is typical scare tactics and not apples-to-apples comparisons. This idea that we spend nothing and get something is exactly why Greenville needs everything from new streets and other upgrades for lack of upkeep.

Let’s pass this bond and be proud to ask others to live here. That is how we succeed.

My grass is greener,

Byron Taylor