The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

May 10, 2013

Make a difference

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

I’d like to voice my support for the YMCA and Event Center that is on the ballot as Proposition 2. There are few times in our lives where we as citizens have an opportunity to make a real difference in our community. This is one such time. The YMCA is much more than just a place that offers swim lessons or provides a fitness center. It’s a place geared for all ages and physical abilities. It’s a place where the potential of every child is nurtured, and families can enjoy activities and be strengthened.  

I’m a former board member, and from that position I have seen firsthand the positive impact the YMCA can have on our community. For example, we are all aware of the increasing numbers of children and adults who are fighting health issues such as diabetes and/or obesity. The YMCA stands in the gap with a wide variety of age-related programs designed to reverse and/ or lessen health-related problems. For those without health concerns, the YMCA also offers ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yet, one key issue the YMCA currently faces is the existing facility lacks adequate space to further expand the programming. What the YMCA needs is a new facility. Prop 2 provides for that.  

The Event Center is an added bonus and here’s how. Greg Sims, Greenville Economic Development CEO, shared his experiences with planning the Garland Event Center. The information he shared with the YMCA committee opened the possibilities of tweaking the project so that Greenville and Hunt County could have a YMCA plus an event center that seats 2200 people. Events that currently must go to Rockwall, Garland or McKinney for more space could stay in Greenville, and this does a couple of things. First, it keeps our tax dollars local.  Secondly, it puts ‘heads in beds’ in our hotels which adds dollars in our local economy. Thirdly, it will be a shining star in our community. This is forward thinking.

I applaud the efforts of the YMCA to bring so many nonprofits and government entities together to maximize the limited dollars available in our community. What an example it will be for working together. Greenville has a history of coming together to work for the common good, and that is what makes Greenville a great place.  

Please vote for Prop. 2!

Paul Painter