The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

May 6, 2013

Supporting new Y

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Support for the YMCA

I have been reading and following with interest as election day approaches regarding Proposition 2 here in the City of Greenville. Following are a few personal observations.

Wherever we may live, there are places of interest or things provided that we may never visit or use; however, we take pride in having access because of the benefit to our community. I see this as a major factor when thinking of our local YMCA.

Perhaps you may have never been to the Y, but it has served our community well for many years. Programs provided have literally changed the course of many young lives.

All of these things cost money, but they benefit each of us because they are investments in the future of the community in which we live. When visitors or companies are considering a place to live or move, the availability of a local Y can be a significant factor in their decision process.

I have also read with interest when the question has been raised about the “lack” of enough details or insufficient time in planning for a new YMCA. The truth of the matter is that planning for a new Y has been in process for well over four years!

Very few establishments have the luxury of the extensive planning that has been done by a host of people who have diligently poured hundreds of hours into this new proposed project.   

Certainly there are details yet to be worked out, as is the case with any project of this magnitude. At every public meeting those things have been discussed, as was the case during the open forum at The Landmark a few weeks ago. Jerry Ransom, Andy Bench, Kelly Gaudreau and others did an excellent job of presenting the facts and openly answering any questions that were raised.

 Planning has not only been more than adequate but sufficient information has been given so that everyone can  make an intelligent decision for a positive vote in support of a new YMCA for the entire area.

Again I recall the slogan that was used for so many years: “Great Communities Are Built By People Who Care!”

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry Speight

Executive Director

Hope Center of Greenville