The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

February 7, 2012

Stay the course

To the editor:

Re Slamming the editor

Our Herald-Banner is a good small town paper. The employees are always courteous and professional. I have never met the editor. All of us like to voice our opinion when we are displeased with actions of other individuals. The horse and perverted individual story has drawn some pretty stormy critricism from readers.

In my opinion the story reported probably should have been a little different text in composition, but tthe condemnation of the staff and editor is pretty far out. We all subscribe to a newspaper for news. Criminal acts are news items of importance to us all. Arrest of felons and perverts and their convictions are important news items.

One of the writers thinks this community would feel right at home on the Jerry Springer Show. I take that statement as an insult to all of our community, and this includes our editor and staff of our newspaper.

My opinion regarding the hypothetical company Mr. Weis is planning to locate in Greenville, but after the horse article in the Herald-Banner, he relocates to Rockwall.; hypothetically I can recommend a much warmer place for his company to relocate, and if it is a law firm, he can take some of our attorneys with him.

Stay the course, Herald-Banner and Editor Price. Informative news items are not always pleasing news.

This “horse story” has been ridden to the ground. Lets move on!!!

George Lyons