The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

October 2, 2013

Who are we backing?

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

It is amazing that President Obama, who only five years ago was the staunch anti-war (and anti-Bush) freshman Senator from Illinois, is now whole-heartedly throwing his support behind Syrian rebels to topple the Assad regime.

We have heard widespread condemnation against Assad for using chemical weapons on his own people, as well as how the United States must act against this horror and arm the Syrian rebels.  However, what is not so widely circulated are the plans of these rebels (which include terrorists linked to Al Qaida) to overthrow Assad’s regime so that they can establish a tyranny of oppression through Sharia law, much like the Muslim Brotherhood sought to do in Egypt before they were overthrown by a second popular uprising and military coup there.

Scratch beneath the surface, and you will uncover reports of the Syrian rebels slaughtering entire Christian villages in Syria, beheading men and the brutally raping women.   You will also discover that the overthrow of Assad, who is a staunch Russian ally, would make possible a natural gas pipeline planned by Saudi Arabia to cross through Syria from Turkey, breaking Russia’s monopoly on natural gas in the region.

Economist Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics documents the stories on his web site (, but the mainstream media will not cover the story.

President Obama wants to arm the Syrian rebels so they can topple Assad.

Who will we arm when the victors turn those same weapons against us?

David Bueche

Hunt County