The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

July 26, 2013

Baker Had Big Impact on GEUS

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

It was my honor and privilege to love and be loved by Larry Allen Baker who has now been gone just over a year. We were friends, then married and shared his children and my furry children and our beloved grandchildren.

But first he was my co-worker. He was one of the most inspiring co-workers that I have ever had at any job. The City and then GEUS were very fortunate to have such a dedicated and caring “hand” to use his word. He told me that when he started with the City before GEUS separated, the personnel manual stated that as a City employee, he was to be an ambassador of goodwill. He took that seriously until the day he died. He found joy in serving the citizens and businesses (and the out of the city limits customers) especially when he could help the underdog, the elderly, the churches. 

He stated after his serious bout with pneumonia that he never wanted to retire; he wanted to die at GEUS. I guess he got that wish, but I’m sad that he never got the one material thing he ever wanted from GEUS. (I promise you Baker that when I get my meter lamp, it will have your name on it — not mine — because there has never been someone who deserved it more.) We have been blessed with many dedicated employees, and I am sure we will be blessed with more in the future but we will never be blessed with a more dedicated “hand” than Larry Baker. The size of his funeral would seem to indicate that many, many of you agreed. One of those past dedicated employees said this a couple of months ago — “GEUS cannot be the same without him. He was GEUS!” GEUS and my whole life are missing so much without him

Michelle Lee Baker