The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 24, 2013

More Questions

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:    

I-30 upgrades vital to transportation needs

The Texas Turnpike Corporation (TTC) cited with this quote: “Interstate 30 leads the list of congested roads in poor condition.” Here is the unabridged quote: “1. Deterioration and Congestion on IH 30 in Dallas-Fort Worth. IH 30 in Dallas County, a critical route for regional and statewide connectivity, is significantly congested and deteriorated from Jefferson to SL 12 East. The freeway would need to be reconstructed and widened, with two to four managed lanes added to relieve congestion.” How will a toll road from Greenville to Lavon have enough impact on that small section of I-30 for us to give up future improvements on I-30 in Hunt County?

Will TTC build the proposed for-profit toll road (Blacklands Turnpike)?

Has TTC ever built a road?

Will TTC secure the right of way, and then simply sell the right of way for profit?

Who will own/manage the Blacklands Turnpike day to day?

Will the speed limits be artificially manipulated on the public roads to encourage travel on the toll road?

Is TTC attributing the growth in McKinney to toll roads even though that growth was in place before they ever had a toll road?

Is TTC stating that a property owner along the NETEX right of way can expect a higher sales price after disclosing the possibility of a toll road?

Did the construction of I-30 increase the value of I-30 frontage property because I-30 has access roads in both directions that allow for the development of business and industry?

Will the Blacklands Turnpike include free access roads for the entire length?

How many Hunt County roads will be bisected and dead-headed by the toll road?

How many entry/exit points are planned for the Blacklands Turnpike?

Will TTC require a noncompete clause with the TXDOT?

What public roads will be affected (I-30, SH 380, SH 69, SH 34) by a noncompete?

If the goal is to move people and products to/from the Metroplex quicker and cheaper, why not invest in rail first?

Why does Greenville need a road that bypasses both our downtown and our I-30 business corridor?

Does TTC require this “free” road through Greenville in order to build the toll road?

Who will pay for the “free” road through Greenville?

Will the “free” road be high-speed and limited access?

Is TTC willing to totally fund the proposed Blacklands Turnpike with private funds?

Is TTC going to refrain from using its powers of eminent domain?

Will TTC take all the risk without relying on city, county, or state government?

Will this truly be a private venture and not a public-private partnership?

Should independent-minded, taxpaying Texans take the risk while TTC reaps the reward?

Will we the citizens of Greenville, Hunt County and Texas demand that our state legislature stop diverting road funds and use the tax dollars intended for roads to protect our public thoroughfares?

Once again, I urge everyone to contact their local and state officials to voice concerns about these issues.

D.J. Mead