The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

March 18, 2013

A jungle out there

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

It’s a jungle over there — a fierce battle is being waged “over there.”

Over there — is across the Isle where Republicans “used” to live, some were pretty good fellers — pretty reasonable — weren’t just “T-total” for the super wealthy.

Today there’s about four breeds over there. The old liners, then a group to the Right, another group more Right, and then the Extreme-Extreme Right. Lotta “T’ party folks fit in that group. Some real crazies among ‘em.

That’s where we find the two Pauls. Rand Paul who some (John McCain et al.) say lives in La La Land. He’s a Libertarian in Repub clothing. Then Paul Ryan who worships the Russian novelist/political activist and pushes her economic philosophy/ideology and agenda — forgets to mention she’s an atheist.

Each of those groups appear to hate each other almost as much as they hate Obama. In fact, they only unite to fight Obama and “any” proposal he puts forth.

They scream for more jobs — then kill every job creating plan he proposes. In their “words” they say everyone should vote — in their “actions” they’ve been caught “red-handed” in voter suppression and voter fraud.

In their “words” they vow to save and improve Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. In their “actions” ... at the very moment they are demanding, reducing, privatizing or eliminating all these programs.

The unemployment rate drops to 7.7 and after voting against every job-creating bill, they claim credit for the drop. They voted against the Violence Against Women — now want to claim credit for its passage.

Sounds a little loony to me. I guess that’s why John McCain and some other Republicans call them a “bunch of Waco heads.”

Not by their “words”... It’s by their  “actions” we know ‘em.

Jeb Bush says he’s ready to be president. Also says he thinks “history” will be “kind” to his brother. “Kind” to his brother?????

The brother who got us into the longest and most costly war in our history??? The brother who got into the worst recession since Hoover and the big un???? The brother who squandered the four hundred billion surplus by giving it to the super wealthy in tax breaks???? The brother who lost 18 million jobs during his eight years???? “If” that’s the case, there should be “twin statues” erected for Obama and Clinton in front of the Capitol.

 R.W. Purcell