The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

December 20, 2013

Not a blessing

Herald-Banner Staff

GREENVILLE — To the editor:

Do any of the Herald-Banner readers and citizens of Hunt County remember the white buffalo calf born west of Greenville on Hwy. 380?

The front page read “A blessing.” God had sent a white buffalo calf to bring a blessing to this county and perhaps the world.

People came from all over to see the white buffalo calf.

It was on almost every newscast, including Channel 4, Dallas. Reporters were sent to Hunt County to “stake claim” at the Buffalo Ranch.

The white buffalo calf made the Internet; donations were sent from England, Russia and Africa. This was “world news.” Indeed, a miracle sent from God, a “blessing” to the world.

There was a reward set up when the white buffalo calf died, a $55,000 reward. The buffalo’s mother, father and other buffalo died on the ranch. What happened to the blessing? The newscasts and newspapers became silent.

I wrote to the newspapers, “There is no blessing” sent to Hunt County and the world. There were nasty letters, nasty comments.

I didn’t go to the ranch to see the white buffalo calf when a large crowd went to the ranch to “name” the calf.

Does God send blessings? Yes, but not white buffalo calves.

Truly yours,

Dorothy Poole

Lone Oak