The Herald Banner, Greenville, TX

July 9, 2013

Let us not forget

Herald-Banner Staff

CELESTE — To the editor:

Today, Sunday, 30 June, I drove by the Audie Murphy Historical Marker in Celeste to take some pictures. I noticed the flagpole flying the State of Texas flag was leaning to the right with the flag entangled in a tree.

At one time there was a POW/MIA flag flying in the center of the site. I went closer and saw that flagpole laying on the ground. It had fallen straight back from where it once stood. I was saddened to see this. Being a Vietnam vet and retired Air Force, it brought tears to my eyes.

We must remember, Audie Murphy was the most decorated solder of World War II. It was men and woman like him that sacrificed all so we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. It was the U.S. military that changed the tide in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific.

Without the U.S. Military, Europe and England would be speaking German and countries like the Philippines would be speaking Japanese. This is my opinion. I an asking the citizens of Hunt County and the city of Celeste to spend a little time to fix this, and bring it back to its original glory. Let us not forget.

Bill DuBois

USAF Retired